Hanwood Estate is pleased to release the new ‘1913’ range.


The ‘1913’ range of wines is the project of Hanwood Estate Senior Winemakers Andrew Higgins and Bryan Currie.

Paying tribute to the great pioneering spirit that drove the McWilliam’s family to the Riverina wine region and their now home of Hanwood Estate over 100 years ago.

The range consists of a Touriga, Durif and Vermentino with the fruit either sourced from the estate or local growers. These are wines that speak proudly of the Riverina wine region and of three varieties that thrive here.

2013 ‘1913’ Hanwood Estate Durif

Sourced from the Delves family farm who have been growing and supplying grapes to the McWilliam’s family for over 100 years.

This block of Durif was nurtured throughout 2013 to keep the yields low and producing small berries of intense flavour. Showing a full bodied palate of rich black fruit and dark chocolate with supportive tannins providing length and depth to the wine.

Andrew Higgins has commented that the 2013 ‘1913’ Hanwood Estate Durif is ‘An honest & full bodied but approachable wine.’

2013 ‘1913’ Hanwood Estate Touriga

This parcel of Touriga was picked from one of the older vine blocks of Hanwood Estate. Traditionally the fruit has been used for fortified wine production of which McWilliam’s of course has a fine history. This is the first time these old Touriga vines have produced fruit for a dry red  table wine, delivering some wonderful, pristine fruit in 2013 with a naturally low crop of small , intensely flavoured berries.

This Touriga has a dominating juice berry flavour giving great freshness and a supple Pinot-like mid palate. A medium bodied wine that is savoury and long supported by well-rounded tannins.

Andrew Higgins has commented that the 2013 ‘1913’ Hanwood Estate Touriga is filled with ‘Classic Touriga florals and supple, savoury tannins that partner perfectly with food’

2014 ‘1913’ Hanwood Estate Vermentino

This is the first Vermentino produced from Hanwood Estate.

A crisp, aromatic and light bodied wine with grapefruit and guava contrast felt on the palate with a soft mouth feel from partial fermentation in barrel. Showing lively flavours in the mouth, the finish is refreshing and long from the natural acidity provided from a variety so well suited to the Riverina.

Bryan Currie has commented that the 2014 ‘1913’ Hanwood Estate Vermentino is ‘A first ever Vermentino from McWilliam’s. A wine filled with grapefruit and white flower aromatics on the nose, and a fresh and lively palate.  This is just simply delicious.’

*These wines are available exclusively through the McWilliam’s Online Cellar Door and Hanwood Estate Cellar Door.

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