Family Winemakers: Brian McWilliam; Douglas McWilliam; Greg McWilliam; Jonathon McWilliam; Matthew McWilliam; Scott McWilliam.

Scott McWilliam

In recent years, McWilliam’s has continued to grow in popularity and stature, while always retaining the vision and knowledge imparted by the founders. The period of expansion that McWilliam’s enjoyed through the end of the 20th century and into the 21st century meant that it became necessary to pioneer into other wine regions across South-East Australia. Today, McWilliam’s sources grapes from the New South Wales regions of the Riverina, Tumbarumba, Orange and Hilltops. Under the leadership of family winemakers like Doug McWilliam, who now acts as Chairman for the company, more varietals were added across the portfolio and carefully matched to the local climatic conditions.

“Today, the family mantle is carried by sixth generation winemaker Scott McWilliam.”

Today, the family mantle is carried by sixth generation winemaker Scott McWilliam. With the experience of five generations before him, Scott and the other winemakers at McWilliam’s continue to produce wines that balance elegance and power. The quality of wines is shown through the popularity and recognition of the entire portfolio; In 2011 over 21 million bottles of McWilliam’s wines were enjoyed globally and in 2012, McWilliam’s was named Most Successful Exhibitor at the Sydney Royal Wine Show for an unprecedented 18th consecutive year.

In 2013, McWilliam’s celebrated 100 years since J.J. McWilliam’s established the Hanwood Estate Winery. To learn more about our history you can download the centenary booklet here.